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Optima Dental of South Bay, located inside the Westfield Oakridge Mall, provides a convenient location for all your dental needs. Our featured services include preventive dentistry, family dentistry, root canal treatment, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, All-On-4, implant dentistry, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and much, much more.

Our Goal

As a practice, our goal is to provide high quality dental care with personalized service using the latest advancements in dentistry and health science. At Optima Dental, we want your visit to be a very pleasant and a memorable one. Our state-of-the-art equipment makes us one of the leading technologically advanced office in the Bay Area. Our trained staff will be ready to assist you and provide useful and necessary information.

Dental Emergencies

Optima Dental provides emergency dental services of all kinds, by specialists seven days a week. You can call us ahead of time and schedule your appointment or just walk in. So please, don’t wait another minute to get the emergency dental care you need.

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Optima Dental of South Bay is conveniently located inside the Westfield Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA and our team of world class dental professionals proudly serve residents of San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara, Cupertino, and other South Bay, California communities.

Emergency Dental Services, San Jose – We’re Here For You

Even better, we offer In-House Endodontic Services to treat Root Canal related emergencies and we can see you Right Away!

How Can We Help?


Untreated cavities will eventually result in infected nerve requiring root canal treatment. Symptoms of an infected nerve include prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold, severe toothache upon chewing, darkening of the tooth and swelling and tenderness of the surrounding gums. A root canal is a treatment where infected nerve is removed and the center of the tooth and root canal is cleaned and sealed. If you have any of these symptoms, please call our office right away 7 days a week.

Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal and tooth extractions are the most common procedure performed by oral surgeons. Other types of surgical procedures may be needed to ensure health and provide a suitable restoration for a healthy dentition.


Gum diseases commonly known as gingivitis and periodontitis are prevalent in adults and may affect systemic health causing heart disease, stroke, pre-term birth and other health problems. Common symptoms include bleeding and receding gums, sensitive teeth, food impaction between the teeth, discomfort upon chewing.

Restorative Dentistry

There is no need to suffer from a damaged tooth. If your tooth is broken, chipped, or fractured, call us as soon as possible. Delaying may make the tooth worse. That’s why, in Optima Dental, we provide multispecialty dental services to address the complex dental needs of our patients.

New Patient or New to the Area?

Thank you for choosing Optima Dental. For our new patients there are medical forms, information on what you can expect on your first visit, an office tour, and how to find us in the Westfield Mall.